Building Narratives

Below are the long-form illustrated essays developed by the History 671 students on their primary and secondary buildings.

Primary Buildings

These are the buildings on which we did extensive research in the fall of 2015 and spring 2017. In parentheses is the year the building opened.

Alderman Residence Hall (1937)
Bowman Gray Memorial Pool
Caldwell Hall (1912)
Carmichael Residence Hall (1986)
Cheek-Clark Building (1925)
Dean E. Smith Center (1986)
Frank Porter Graham Student Union (1968)
Greenlaw Hall (1970)
Grimes Residence Hall (1922)
Hamilton Hall (1972)
Hill Hall (1907)
Jackson Hall (1942)
Josephus Daniels Student Stores (1968)
Kenan Memorial Stadium (
Love House & Hutchins Forum (1887)
Manning Hall (1923)
McIver Residence Hall (1939)
Memorial Hall (1885)
Morehead Planetarium (1949)
Paul Green Theatre (1978)
Peabody Hall (1913)
Playmakers Theater (1851)
Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History (2004)
Spencer Residence Hall (1924)

Secondary Buildings

The 2015 class developed brief information about each of the following buildings, but they await longer treatment in future iterations of the course.

Carr Building (1900)
Graham Memorial (1931)
George Moses Horton Residence Hall (2007)
Ruffin Residence Hall (1922)