Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith

Associated Building(s): Playmakers Theatre;

Other Relationships: North Carolina Governor, State Senator, Federalist

Birthplace: Charles Town, South Carolina

Lifespan: 1756-01-10/1826-01-26

Race: White

Sex: Male

Relationship(s) to University: Benefactor, Trustee

Era(s): Antebellum, Revolutionary

Involvement(s): Slavery

Slaveowner: Yes


More info:

Latitude/Longitude: 32.785761, -79.937526

Benjamin Smith (1756 – 1826) was a Revolutionary War veteran, one of the original appointees to the UNC board of trustees, and the 16th Governor of North Carolina where he focused on reforming the state’s criminal codes and penitentiary system. Smith donated his payment for war service, 20,000 acres in Tennessee, to the new university system, making him the first donor to the new school.

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