Blyden Jackson

Blyden Jackson

Blyden Jackson

Associated Building(s): Jackson Circle Parking Deck; Jackson Hall;

Other Relationships: Professor of English, First Black Tenured Professor

Birthplace: Paducah, Kentucky

Lifespan: 1910/2000

Race: Black

Sex: Male

Relationship(s) to University: Professor

Era(s): 20th Century Modernization

Involvement(s): Civil Rights, Women's Rights


More info:

Latitude/Longitude: 37.080316, -88.599050

Born in 1910, Dr. Jackson served as the associate dean of the English graduate school from 1973-1981 and was instrumental in bringing in African American literature into the department. After his retirement in 1981, Dr. Jackson remained in Chapel Hill until he passed away on May 1, 2000. Jackson Hall was named after Roberta and Blyden Jackson in 1992 amidst the campus struggle to build a black cultural center.

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