John Motley Morehead III

John Motley Morehead III

John Motley Morehead III

Other Relationships: Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Birthplace: Spray, North Carolina

Lifespan: 1870-11-03/1965-01-07

Race: White

Sex: Male

Relationship(s) to University: Alumni, Benefactor, Trustee

Era(s): 20th Century Modernization, Gilded Age, The Great Depression, World War I

Involvement(s): Progressivism


More info:

Latitude/Longitude: 36.488078, -79.767053

Morehead, born in 1870, was a scientist and philanthropist. He co-discovered a profitable chemical manufacturing process. Throughout his life he worked in chemical manufacturing and local and international politics. He made several donations to UNC, including the Planetarium. He died in 1965.

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