John Manning Jr.

John Manning Jr.

John Manning Jr.

Associated Building(s): Manning Drive Steam Plant; Manning Hall;

Other Relationships: State Representative, Professor of Law

Birthplace: Edenton, North Carolina

Lifespan: 1830-07-30/1933-02-12

Race: White

Sex: Male

Relationship(s) to University: Administrator, Alumni, Professor, Trustee

Era(s): Civil War, Reconstruction

Involvement(s): Slavery

Slaveowner: Yes


More info:

Latitude/Longitude: 36.057911, -76.607728

John Manning Jr. (1830-1899) was born in Edenton, North Carolina. Educated at Edenton Academy and UNC-Chapel Hill, John Manning Jr. worked as a lawyer until the outbreak of the Civil War where he was first lieutenant of the Chatham Rifles and a delegate to the Secession Convention. After the war, he resumed practicing law and state politics, served on the UNC Board of Trustees for 20 years and as professor of law until his death.

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